1. Why wouldn't I just use Zoom by itself?
    If you want to charge for your live-streams, using Namastream makes everything so much easier and more efficient in the long run. From within Namastream, your students buy your digital product, join the live-stream, and watch the recording (and any other pre-recorded content you've added). Plus, as soon as your live-stream is complete, the recording of that live-stream will appear automatically in your Namastream media library. No downloading or uploading necessary.
  2. How do students sign up for a group/Zoom event? Using Namastream means that you are selling digital "products" and not classes. You create a product and schedule all live-streams inside of that product. Whoever purchases that product can access any live-stream event you have scheduled.
  3. Is there a limit to the number of people on my live-stream?
    You will need a paid Zoom Pro plan, which allows up to 100 attendees. If you need more, you will need to upgrade to a higher paid Zoom plan.
  4. Can I run multiple group collaborative sessions at once?
    No. Only one live-stream at a time, please.
  5. Do I share a Zoom link with my students?
    No. Student will access your live-stream by logging into their Namastream account and accessing via the "Events" tab.
  6. Why do I need a paid Zoom account when Zoom offers free plans?
    In order for the Zoom and Namastream to integrate (talk to each other) you must have the a paid Zoom plan (Zoom Pro or higher).
  7. Can I screen-share?
    Once you start the live-stream, the Zoom window will open. You can share your screen from the menu at the bottom of the Zoom window.
  8. What if I plan on live-streaming for many hours?
    You can absolutely hold long live-streaming sessions, but by doing so you will create very large files. In order for that file to automatically appear in your Namastream site, you must have the appropriate Zoom cloud recording storage. If your file exceeds your storage limits, it may not appear in Namastream automatically. The file will be in Zoom (you won't lose it), but to get it to Namastream, you will need to either upgrade to the next Zoom plan, free up some of your Zoom cloud storage, or you will have to download it from Zoom and manually upload it into Namastream.
  9. What if I already have a Zoom plan?
    Great! You will simply  set up your integration with Namastream and you're good to go!
  10. What if I don't want to do group live-streams?
    Then you don't need a paid Zoom plan and you can use the broadcast and private live-stream features built into Namastream. You can learn about the differences here.

You can sign up for Zoom or see their plans and pricing here.  

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