Your Namastream site URL is (you can find your exact URL by looking at the About Tab in your site).

This can be a long URL to share so if you want to use a shorter and easier URL, you have two options: a redirect (easy) or a custom domain (more technical set up).

Create a REDIRECT (also called a short link) from your website.

A REDIRECT uses an existing website, and points to a different URL 

  • simpler to set up
  • requires an existing website

Here's an example, of how a short link works. 

If your website is , you can create another link that will send people to

If you want to direct someone to a specific product or purchase page, you can choose any URL from your Namastream site

For example, you can create a redirect of which points to the course sales page on your Namastream site (as opposed to your general shop page). You would copy the product link from the publish tab in the product builder and  

Creating redirects is done from within your website.

If your website is on Square Space, here are the direction on how to create a redirect.
If your website is on Wix, here are the directions on how to create redirect.
If your website is on another platform, please consult that site's knowledge base to learn how.

Create a custom domain.

A CUSTOM DOMAIN is an entire (empty) domain that points to your Namastream site

  • more technical set up
  • requires you to own a domain that is not in use

For example, if you own and you want this URL to direct students to your

This is different than a redirect because you are not using for any other purpose. (there are no pages built on this domain).

If you would like to dedicate an entire domain to your Namastream site, please consult these instructions.

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